305 296 9198 or 305 296 9189     SUSHI MENU

Lunch Bento Box

All Sushi & Sashimi lunches are Chef’s Choice, no substitutions.
3 pcs. Sushi, 3 pcs. Sashimi, 4pcs. California Roll and your choice of the following:
B1. Chicken Teriyaki13.95
B2. Beef Teriyaki13.95
B3. Chicken Katsu                                                                              13.95
B4. Shrimp Tempura                                                                   13.95
B5. Crab Sunomono13.95
B6. Spicy Tuna                                                                                  13.95

Lunch Specials

 served with Miso Soup OR small house salad . Sushi & Sashimi are Chef’s Choice, no substitutions.
JL1. Shrimp Tempura with Veggies and rice                           13.95
JL2. Veggie Tempura13.95
JL3. Chicken Teriyaki13.95
JL4. Beef Teriyaki13.95
JL5. Sushi Lunch13.95
5 pcs. Sushi, half California roll  
JL6. Sashimi Lunch                                                                             13.95
5 pcs. Sashimi, half California roll
JL7. Combo Lunch                                                 13.95
4 pcs. Sushi, 6 pcs. Sashimi half California roll 


1. Miso Soup .95
Soybean soup with tofu, seaweed, scallions.
2. Seaweed salad                                 5.95
3. Edamame 5.95
Steamed soy beans.
4. Imitation Crab, Octopus, or Conch Sunomono / Combination       6.95 / 7.95
5. Spicy Tuna Salad 11.95
Mix salad, cucumber, tomato, red bell & onion w/ spicy sauce.
6. Tuna Tataki 12.95
Slice raw tuna, scallions, with ponzu sauce.
7. K.C. Roll 11.95
Imitation crabmeat, salmon, cream cheese wrapped, with thin cucumber
 in ponzu sauce.

8. Baby Octopus and Cucumber 5.95
9. Kani-Su 10.95
Imitation crabmeat, avocado masago wrapped in cucumber in tangy
 rice vinegar.

10. Imitation crab, Avocado Salad 6.95
Imitation crab, avocado and Japanese mayo.
11. Dynamite 7.95
Mixed seafood baked with Japanese mayo.
12. Sushi Appetizer 14.95
1 pc each of tuna, salmon, whitefish, shrimp and imitation crabmeat
13. Sashimi Appetizer 13.95
3  pcs. each of tuna, salmon and whitefish.
14. Cucumber Pasta Salad 7.95
Cucumber cut like angel hair pasta tossed with imitation crabmeat, masago
 and a light creamy dressing.


Lightly Breaded Deep Fried (Served with Jasmine or brown Rice)

15. Vegetable Tempura                                                                     14.95
16. Chicken and Vegetable                                                        15.95
17. Shrimp and Vegetable16.95


Deep Fried with Japanese breadcrumbs. Served with Steamed Veggies and jasmine or brownRice.

18. Chicken Katsu15.95
19. Shrimp16.95


Served with Steamed Veggies & Rice.
20. Chicken Teriyaki                                                                    15.95
21. Beef Teriyaki                                                                          15.95
22. Shrimp Teriyaki 16.95


Served with Miso Soup OR small house salad. Combos are Chef’s Choice of Sushi and Sashimi
No substitutions
23. Osaka19.95
24. Tokyo19.95
3 pcs. Sushi, 8 pcs. Sashimi, California roll, chicken teriyaki.
25. Kobe19.95
3 pcs. Sushi, 8 pcs. Sashimi, California roll, beef teriyaki.


Served with Miso Soup OR small house salad

*26. Sushi Deluxe 19.95
10 pcs. Sushi, J.B. roll.
*27. Sashimi Deluxe                                                                          21.95
Chef’s Choice 16 pcs. Sashimi.
*28. Chirashi 21.95
 assorted fresh raw fish over a bed of sesame sushi rice.


Served with Miso Soup & Chef’s Special Appetizer. Combos are Chef’s Choice.
29. Thai Island Boat for 2.95
12 pcs. Sushi, 18 pcs. Sashimi, California Roll & J.B. Roll.
30. Thai Island Boat for 395.95
15 pcs. Sushi, 23 pcs. Sashimi, Calif, J.B., Tuna Rolls.
31. Thai Island Boat for 4119.95
20 pcs. Sushi, 28 pcs. Sashimi J.B., Tuna, Crazy and Rainbow Rolls.

Sushi Rolls

50. Tuna Roll (Tekka)                                                                      6.95
51. Yellowtail Roll (Hamachi)                                            7.95
Yellowtail and scallions.
52. California Roll                                                                          6.95
Imitation crabmeat, avocado, cucumber.
53. Salmon or Tuna California Roll                                             7.95
Salmon, avocado, cucumber.
54. J.B. Roll6.95
Salmon, cream cheese, scallions.
55. Pacific Roll6.95
Cooked salmon, cream cheese, scallions.
56. Shrimp California Roll                                                                  6.95
Shrimp, avocado, cucumber.
57. Boston Roll                                                                                  8.95
Shrimp, lettuce, scallions, cucumber, avocado Japanese mayo.
58. Rainbow Roll                                                                 11.95
California roll on top with tuna, salmon, white fish, avocado.

59. Three Gems Roll12.95
Tuna, salmon, yellowtail, cream cheese with eel sauce.
60. Playboy Roll                                                                  12.95
Eel, shrimp, Imitation crabmeat, masago, cream cheese, scallions.
61. Shrimp Tempura Roll                                                          .95
Shrimp tempura, cucumber, lettuce, Japanese mayo.
62. Spider Roll12.95
Deep fried soft shell crab, asparagus, avocado, masago,
 Japanese mayo.

63. Mexican Roll11.95
Shrimp, tempura, cream cheese, avocado, scallions, spicy mayo.
64. Golden Dragon Roll                                                                     12.95
Deep fried sweet shrimp, scallions, avocado, Japanese mayo and
 masago outside.

65. Fly Navy Roll                                                                                 15.95
Shrimp tempura, lettuce, on top with avocado and dynamite conch.
66. Southernmost Roll14.95
Shrimp tempura, grilled salmon skin, eel, cream cheese, asparagus,
 masago, scallions, topped with avocado.

67. Valentine Roll                                                                      16.95
Shrimp tempura, eel, masago, cuc, avocado, asparagus, scallions
 & spicy mayo,topped with tuna & tempura flakes.

68. Red Dragon Roll                                                                  16.95
Spicy tuna, shrimp tempura, cucumber, scallions top with tuna, topikko kit.
69. Key West Roll                                                                       18.95
Lobster tempura, masago, asparagus, scallions, Japanese mayo, topped
 with avocado.

71. Super Lobster Roll                                                                         29.95
Lobster tempura, cucumber, asparagus, avocado, topikko-kit, served with
 3 sauces (eel, Kim, spicy mayo sauce).

72. Volcano Roll                                                                                 12.95
California roll with cream cheese topped with dynamite conch.

72. Spicy Tuna Roll                                                                         8.95
Tuna, masago, cucumber, scallions, Japanese mayo, spicy sauce. 
73. Spicy Yellowtail Roll                                                                     .95
Yellowtail, masago, cucumber, scallions, Japanese mayo, spicy sauce.
74. The Heat Roll                                                                        11.95
Spicy tuna roll on top with tuna.
75. Darling Roll                                                                 12.95
Spicy tuna roll on top with shrimp, avocado.
76. Key Largo Roll                                                                             15.95
Spicy tuna roll, topped with eel & eel sauce.
77. Eel Roll9.95
Eel, cucumber, scallions topped with eel sauce.
78. Eel Lovers Roll                                                                             14.95
Eel, cucumber, cream cheese & scallions, topped with eel sauce.
79. Crazy Roll9.95
Grilled salmon skin, eel, and cucumbers. avocado, asparagus, scallions rolled
 in masago topped with eel sauce.

80. Jewelry Roll14.95
Grilled salmon skin, cucumbers. asparagus, scallions, cream cheese, masago,
 topped with salmon and rolled in masago & salmon roe (Ikura).

81. Spicy Tuna Hand Roll                                                                 4.95
82. Eel Hand Roll5.95
83. Salmon skin Hand Roll                                                                  4.95
84. Dynamite Hand Roll5.95        


Tamako, Avocado, Asparagus 3.00
Tuna, Salmon, Escolar, Snapper, Shrimp            5.00
Eel, Masago, Ikura, Scallop, Octopus, Squid 6.00
 Sweet Shrimp, Dynamite Conch or Scallop 7.00


Masago, Shrimp, Snapper                                                               6.00
 Salmon, Escolar, Scallop                   8.00
Octopus, Squid, Conch, Wasabi Tobikko     8.00
Tuna, Sweet Shrimp, Yellowtail, Eel,Ikura                                                                      9.00